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Portsmouth International Kite Festival

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This year our kiteCREW had the honour of running the kite building workshop at the 23rd annual Portsmouth International Kite Festival, held at Southsea Common, 23rd of August. And the event truly lived up to our expectations. The fabulous coastal setting and the ever present wind set the perfect backdrop and thanks to outstanding organisation by Portsmouth City Council the event was a booming success.

We had been eagerly awaiting this event for a couple of months and the excitement was almost palpable as our three-man kiteCREW prepared for the two hour commute down to Pompey. We arrived a couple of hours early and began laying out our display in the spacious marque that was provided for us. We began to set up our workshop area and kiteSHOP, as the first few punters began to trickle into the festival grounds... And before we had even located the nearest coffee vendor we had an excited queue forming at the entrance to our tent.

Our kiteDOCTOR was swept off her feet as the ever present queue grew larger and larger as word of our workshop spread around the event. It really is quite amazing to see the joy our workshop provided to countless children (and some adults too) and the kiteDOCTOR, valiantly, manned her post until every single customer left with a kite and a smile. Directly opposite the entrance to our marque the organisers had set up a cordoned-off area where the children could fly their handmade kites out of the way of any more "exuberant" kite flyers. Our roving kiteVENDOR spent most of the day teaching kids how to get the best flight and helping out with the occasional tangle. This provided parents with a safe zone where they could leave their children while they took in everything else the event had to offer.

To say that our workshop was a raging success would be an understatement, and particular congratulations goes to our kiteDOCTOR Meriel who guided the building of an outstanding number of kites over the three days... 527!!! The organisers couldn't believe the positive feedback they received all weekend and were quick to book us again for next year's event.

We've already got lots of good ideas to make next year even bigger and better.

So until next time... Go fly a kite!