Our Story

The English hurricane and recession of 1987 gave reason at mid-life to pull the plug on running a company in southern England, take the kids out of private education and begin a lifestyle change of home-schooling family and friends children. 

Our educational walks on the Ashdown Forest provided us with the raw material to weave primitive rope from what we called Golden Easter Grass but it had another secret. Each Autumn the tall seed heads grew on very long, light, straight stalks that we soon discovered were suitable as strutts for our favourite workshops - building miniature kites from tissue paper.

By the mid 90's we were running kinesthetic education workshops intended to awaken children's hand dexterity as a balance to intellectual learning and the penny dropped when all who attended the workshops, no matter what age, wanted to take home extra kites. It was an Ah...Ha moment. My son Alexander needed money to finish his education by experiencing India but after 10 years of home-schooling I was broke and suggested that he build a thousand kites and sell them as a pedlar on the streets under a Pedlar's Certificate. In one weekend in Covent Garden he turned those kites into funding 6 months in India and I realised that the numbers worked and the law was there to assist. The many family members formed an unincorporated Trust to quality control and procure the components, assemble & package the kites, find the markets and turn paper tissue and wild grass into pounds. 

The family took advantage of an earlier tumble-down property investment on the west coast of Ireland, packed up in Sussex, built a house with our own hands and established our internet portal kitecompany.com to trade our passion for kites. Early on the streets were good to us and we brought out new designs that appealed to businesses wanting their logo to fly. For 10 years we marketed within the promotional products industry but were challenged by ever bigger orders and our production manager GuangHui established a quality controlled assembly line in China. Today the business is streamlined between our offices in Ireland where we design and build customised small orders with backup capacity in China of 50,000 kites per month.

We are a family run business with all the skills necessary to maintain low overheads but with a global reach through our easy to navigate kiteSHOP. We don't just sit in an office, we actually enjoy the lifestyle of flying kites in public events throughout Europe from Dublin to Poland and Norway to Spain. 

We have in this 5th generation website brought together retail kite sales under www.WORLDsmallestKITE.com and business sales under www.KITEcompany.com to offer an all in one shopping service for supplying our own brand of small kites. There are plenty of suppliers of big expensive kites but as the name suggests we specialise in kites that fit in your pocket.

So, from our little piece of green paradise on the ancient west coast of Ireland we greet the world and welcome you to experience our unique kites. 


Go fly a kite... with a smile!

Family Campbell-Lloyd




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Our Guarantee:

Wherever you are in the world, if you have purchased one of our kites and have any design problems... just send the entire package back to our resident kiteDOCTOR to repair and return to you free of charge.