Custom Kites

Dream up your own design and we'll make it fly...



Whether it's for a special party, a fundraiser or you're looking for a fun fresh way to promote your business.

Agents who promote our kites in the promotional products industry get excellent discounts and resell at their normal mark-up... your B2B customers can have customised kites in less than a week.

    • Weddings are special celebrations and you may like to give your family and friends a personalised wedding KITE on that special day. We can also build your personailsed birthday KITE on the same template as a wedding KITE.

    We build a virtual SAMPLE for free so send us your art or just give us a link to your website and we'll take it from there.

    • full colour printed kite & packing card
    • pack size: 112x160mm (4¼”x6¼”)
    • weight: 13.5gms (½ oz)
    • packed in clear bag
    • 10m flight line (30')