kite making WORKSHOP

FREE workshop for ages 5-105

The kite CREW

The kite CREW runs the WORKSHOP giving one-to-one attention to each participant who gets to choose from an assortment of colours for the kite face and it's 2 tails. To avoid messy fingers they control all the gluing. At a steady pace they guide the building of 60 kites each per hour so an attention span of just 1 minute sees the full kite construction and there are always plenty of enthusiastic onlookers preparing for their turn. The waiting queue moves along steadily and the flying area just outside the marque is a buzz with flying kites. If any breakages occur the kite CREW are all trained kite doctors. :)

 Let's go fly a kite


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The kite SHOP

As as addition to our workshop we have found it best to have a kite shop within the marquee. It creates a great atmosphere as event goers can choose from a wide range of beautifully packaged ready-made kites that they can take home as a momento.

The kite SHOP displays 8 models of our tiny WORLD smallest KITE brand including diamonds, stars, hearts, postcards, eagles, rainbows and butterflies that range in price from £5 to £8. 


retail display of ready-made kites


Perfect for all festivals or family fun events. 

Please consider our kite WORKSHOP for your event.

We provide an itemised breakdown of costs based on a short conversation, so please get in touch so we can make every event one to remember! We are currently taking bookings for European events 2018. We have limited slots available so please book early.

For more information email us with a link to your event, dates, footfall etc.

Checklist for Event Organisers:

  • Marquee or shared weather-proof space - min 4 x 4m for 2 man kite CREW - 6 x 4m for 3 man kite CREW
  • 5 tables & 20 chairs - many more for those that need a rest or to sit and watch the flying zone

kite CREW provides:

  • all workshop components in boxes of 200
  • WORLD smallest KITE banner 3m x 1.5m
  • professional educational entertainment
  • workshop flow of just 1 minute per person per kite
  • market liability insurance €6.5m + CBR/DBS check
  • full cost-plus itemised quote
  • optional extras - event branded kites & or giveaway kites

kite CREW - Robert, Meriel and Daniel

You may have spotted us somewhere in the world...
WOMAD, Edinburgh Festival, Covent Garden, The South Bank, Glastonbury, Grafton Street, Redcliffe Kite Festival Aus, Dublin Kite Fest, Chatsworth Country Fair, Holkham Country Fair, Taineman Square, Durban Christmas, Moomba Melbourne, Reading Festival, Tall Ships Festivals Worldwide, Henley Regatta, Old Lammas Fair, National Play Day Ireland, Brighton Kite Festival, Coolum Kite Fest Aus, Szcenzin, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Fisherman's Wharf SF, and many... many more.


Printable WORKSHOP brochure


Run your own Workshop. 

We also supply kite-making KITS for you to run your own workshop.

Components for 100 kites are packed in a 2kg box.

Perfect for schools, festivals, public & private events.

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