Street Vendor

"If you are mobile the world is your oyster" 

Lord Sugar - BBC The Apprentice

Ready for a lifestyle change and some pocket money?

Give up that boring job to become a kite VENDOR today... be your own boss and work where, when and how you want.

Open your pop-up SHOP wherever there's a crowd. 

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Festival vendors develop good communication skills, a happy presence and sometimes get completely lost in flying their kite. That's when everybody wants to buy a little bit of that fun so stay focussed and invite your customers to "dig in and choose a colour".



This Act of Parliament provides for £12.25 a year, the legal authority for a "certified" pedestrian person to trade any place throughout the UK with complete discretion on what, where, when and how. It is the very legislation that enabled our entrepreneurs to kick-start the business in 1995 London's Covent Garden. Today pedlars rights to free trade are threatened by local authorities seeking to eliminate competition with static "licensed" traders in the high streets - that threatens anybody above 17 and some 60 million people. We therefore fund the information portal to defend pedlary against vested interests and government seeking to restrict the freedoms and liberties of law abiding pedlars. Pedlars should know the law and stand up for this common law right that preceded even the Human Rights Act and provides the holder with the very first UK identity card.


Vendor Comments: 


I began selling these “world smallest kites” a couple of years ago. Since retiring, nearly a decade ago, I had always thought it would be good fun to get involved with local markets, but buying a marquee, and the lot that goes with one, seemed like a lot of fuss. This isn’t the case with the kites. They are compact and easy to travel with; my whole shop fits on the passenger seat of my car.

So now I get to go to a different event every weekend. And putting a little bit more towards the pension never hurts.

John Davies

This is a great idea!!! I bought a box of kites at the beginning of summer and would just take my box along to any festival I attended. Just a couple of hours selling each day was enough for me to pay for everything I wanted while at the festival. Almost gives me another reason to want to go to festivals. I will definitely be ordering more next summer.

Mary McFarland


I have been around these kites my whole life but I only started selling them in 2011. My boyfriend and I were traveling around Australia. We landed in Melbourne with only a few hundred dollars left. We searched for two weeks to find jobs, applied to about 20 different adverts but we didn’t hear a word from any. We both had good cv’s, I had done lots of bar and chef work, my boyfriend had a lot of hospitality management experience but still no one wanted us.

So out of desperation I rang my dad and simply said, we have no money and I don’t know what to do. We can’t get jobs.

Four days later a box of kites arrived. My dad didn’t believe in just sending us money to get by, he wanted to help us properly. This was the beginning. I built a basic selling box out of old cardboard, recycled the WORLD smallest KITE logo from the side of the box he sent me, stuck it on the side of my selling box and within the first weekend, we didn’t have a single kite left. But we had $1000 dollars.

Since then we have been back to Australia, we have travelled to Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Holland and England. We even managed 3 trips to South Africa to see family.

This is all because of the kites. I couldn’t be more grateful for this job. It gives me the time to focus on my other passions.

Meriel Campbell-Lloyd