kite KIT 100 for workshops

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Build your own kite in 60 seconds... imm...po...ooss...ible?

In the box:

  • Printed instructions
  • 100 pre-built circle Kite bodies in assorted colours
  • 200 tails in assorted colours
  • 100 winders with 10m of red thread on each
  • 100 readymade kites as giveaways 1 to each participant

After many years of running kite-making workshops and by popular demand we have launched a fun educational workshop kit for 100 kids. In a 2kg box you get all the components needed for a quick & easy assembly of a kite that's immediately ready to fly.

Set yourself up with a desk & chair and have the kids line up around to watch how it's done. Lay out the boxes of materials so they can see what's involved. Each child chooses their favourite colour kite and 2 tails and then the fun begins. Their task is to carefully join the tails 1 at a time and watch the magic of the kite come to life. With a little guidance & tlc anyone above 4 can master the build. You then do a test flight above your head to show it flys and hand them their kite to fly outside.

Event organisers need workshop providers and allocate good budgets. You'll clinch a deal when they realise that your 1 person workshop can process 60 kids an hour... provide an instant outdoor spectacle... concentrated kinesthetic educational entertainment... mums, dads and grandies happy to watch. Festival organisers will have you back time & again. 

Clone your crew to suit the footfall and the return is impressive... don't worry though we also do kits for 500 & 1000. Our own workshops aim to process 500 kids a day with 2 operatives.

Check out our workshop running full speed on YouTube.